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As part of the rollout and commissioning process of ETW, briefing sessions were delivered around the network to both internal and external protection officers operating within the CRN. We also utilised these briefing sessions to consult the industry about what future features may be useful for the future of the ETW application.

As part of our commitment to safety, John Holland in conjunction with TfNSW, will be launching an update to the revolutionary ETW mobile application. The update will deliver a method for Protection Officers to apply for Work In Corridor and Lookout Working in the field or via the NCO and use the application to manage these work on track methods.

The primary objective of ETW 2.0 is to improve and strengthen the communication methods, minimising the use of verbal communication of safety critical information whilst adding engineering controls to monitor these transactions throughout the Country Regional Network.

The friendly team within Network Operations have recently completed briefing and support sessions in various locations across the CRN to facilitate the training and information surrounding the update on 4 October 2018. If you missed the opportunity to attend, but you would like to be informed of the changes and updates, please scroll to the bottom of this page where you will find links to our presentation, the ETW 2.0 user guide and our promotional video.

We ask before you reach out that you take the time to go through these presentations and familiarise yourself with the application, including how it is used and the benefits it provides to you as a Protection Officer. If you are a new user, please ensure you start with the information on registering for ETW and the rules and requirements related to the introduction to the app before you move on to ETW 2.0.

Please also take the time to answer some simple questions about the application that will confirm your understanding of how it works and that you have viewed the presentations and documentation as provided.

Although we feel the update of ETW 2.0 will improve and strengthen communication and safety across the CRN, it is also important to note that the fundamentals of the rules within the network will remain the same. It is the technology in the way that TOA’s are obtained and communicated that will change, NOT the principal.

If you would like more information or have any questions or concerns, please email CRN Operations before you register.

Please navigate through the following links if you wish to register;

Link to Presentation

Link to Full Video

Link to User Guide