As part of our commitment to safety, John Holland in conjunction with TfNSW, will be launching a new mobile application which will provide improved safety and efficiency outcomes for Protection Officers and Network Control Officers working on the Country Regional Network.

This application will offer an alternate means of documentation for using Track Occupancy Authorities.It is an app specifically designed to help Protection Officer’s in their daily role, ultimately creating a safer environment and giving them more information to make decisions.

Our Network Operations team have recently completed full briefing and support sessions in various locations around the CRN to facilitate the launch on 6 September 2017.

If you missed the opportunity to attend, but you would like to register for use of the Application, please use the link below that will provide you with a form to complete. We ask before you do this, you take the time to go through the below presentations that will provide you with further details of the ETW Application including, how it is used and the benefits to you as a Protection Officer.

Link to Presentation

Link to Form

Link to Full Video

Link to User Guide

Please note, before you are able to register you will be asked to answer some simple questions about the application that will confirm your understanding of how it works and that you have viewed the presentation as provided. The ETW Application does incite minimal changes to the Network Rule, which is explained explicitly throughout the presentation.

As part of the change, the current paper TOA forms will be updated to reflect an addition of the Supplementary code and use of Pegasus details. These paper forms will need to be implemented with the change on the 6th September 2017.

You can find the updated TOA forms here:

Link to TOA 

Although we feel the implementation of ETW will be revolutionary within the CRN, it is also important to note that the fundamentals of the rules within the network will remain the same. It is the technology in the way that TOA’s are obtained and communicated that will change, NOT the principal.

If you would like more information or have any questions or concerns, please email before you register.