About Safety


As an accredited infrastructure manager under the Rail Safety National Law (National Regulations 2012), safety is our number one priority for our customers, our people and our communities. 

Health, safety and environmental concerns play a leading role in all of our CRN operations. 

This includes safety at level crossings, one of the greatest areas of risk for our communities and we actively support the NSW Government's "Stop. Or get stopped in your tracks" level crossing awareness campaign.

Caring for our people and our communities is fundamentally important to us as an organisation. 'Knowing everyone will return home safely every day' is our vision for safety.

To achieve this, we must:

  • Put safety first, always;
  • Engage hearts and minds and demonstrate our commitment through personal action;
  • Make safety personal, always

Our approach to protecting our customers, our employees and the communities where we work is underpinned at every level of our organisation through strong leadership and skilled employees. We know that to keep our teams safe they must be competent and must always put safety first on every CRN work site and in everything they do. This includes the contractors and suppliers who work with us.

Our commitment to health, safety and the environment on the CRN extends from our Board members and our CEO through to our managers and supervisors and our operational teams. 

Our Safety and Environment team provides leadership and support to all our CRN teams across NSW, reviewing safety performance against non-negotiable minimum WHS and rail safety and environmental standards and by providing guidance, direction and support wherever necessary. 

Rail Safety

Rail Safety (reducing risk to many people from high-consequence, low-frequency events) includes: 

Work Health and Safety

Work Health and Safety risks include:

  • Working at Height, People/Plant Interaction, Interaction with Electricity, Hot Works, Hazardous Chemicals etc

  • plant and equipment (minimum requirements)

  • Contractor Management

    Our experience, and that of the wider industry, tells us that injury exposure comes from a consistent set of high risk activities that have the potential to cause harm. That is why we developed our Global Mandatory Requirements (GMRs). The GMRs are evidence-based requirements that set the minimum standard required for our workplaces when planning, managing and undertaking these high risk activities.

    A number of years after their launch, our commitment to the GMRs is unwavering and they remain central to our approach for managing, and where possible eliminating these high risks.

    The GMRs when coupled with the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) behaviours expected of our people provide a solid foundation when it comes to our expectations regarding safety.

    Contact us with safety enquiries or if you have any questions for us.