Rail Industry Worker Competence

As the accredited rail transport operator for the Country Regional Network (CRN), John Holland must, so far as is reasonably practicable, ensure that any individual who is carrying out rail safety work on the CRN has the competence to carry out that work.

To meet these obligations John Holland must have in place a system of identification and competency management, which includes a profile of rail safety work and a system for recording the qualifications workers hold.

John Holland has implemented a rail safety worker competence management system known as Rail Industry Worker (RIW) and all rail safety worker training records, skill sets and competencies are managed by Onsite Track Easy (Onsite), a division of Pegasus.

All contractors who want to work on the CRN must hold a Rail Industry Worker Identification Card issued by Pegasus.

Currently the Minimum Requirements for a Rail Industry Worker Identification Card

The minimum requirements for obtaining a Rail Industry Worker Identification Card are as follows:

  • RSW medical
  • OHS Work Cover Construction Industry Induction
  • Rail Corridor Induction (TSA, RISI or equivalent)
  • CRN HSE Induction
  • RSW qualifications and competencies for the work being performed
  • Global Mandatory Requirement (GMR) Training

Evidence of these requirements will be required to apply for a Rail Industry Worker Identification Card, as issued by Pegasus.

All contractors undertaking rail safety work as identified in our Rail Safety Worker Competence Profiles (as per below) will be required to ensure they meet our competency requirements for undertaking the following tasks.

Contractor National Track & Civil Matrix

Contract Safeworking task/competency profiles

Note: All contractors MUST select the profile “CRN Operator – On Track” in addition to tasks they are required to complete


How do I meet these requirements?

Log onto the below link using your company login:


  1. Once you are logged in click Update Card Data
  2. Type in the worker's name then click Search
  3. Select the required worker then click Update
  4. Click the word Process highlighted blue in the workers field
  5. Now select work roles by clicking on the People Icon
  6. In the group drop down box select CRN
  7. Now select the appropriate roles for the contractor then scroll down and select Apply
  8. Select the Declaration box then click Save

Now you will be able to upload the required copies of competencies into the appropriate upload boxes.

When all required competencies are uploaded click submit, this will then send the files to the onsite track easy administrators for their review and sign off.

Select the link for the Rail Safety Worker task selection help sheet.


How to apply for the Rail Industry Worker Identification Card

You can apply for a Rail Industry Worker Identification Card by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete the JHR HSE Induction process if you have not already done so
  2. Gather together electronic copies of your rail safety worker qualifications
  3. Go to the Rail Industry Worker website at www.railindustryworker.com.au and click the link on the main page to start the registration process
  4. Upload electronic copies of your qualifications and competencies as well as a photocopy of your JHR HSE Induction Card
  5. Order and pay for your card. The cost for an initial card is $100 and there is an annual service fee of $30
  6. Print a copy of the Australia Post ID form and take it with you to a Post Office to complete your 100 point ID check

Once the application process is completed you can expect to receive your Rail Industry Worker Identification Card within five working days.

You must carry your Rail Industry Worker Identification Card, as issued by Pegasus, with you at all times. You cannot carry out rail safety work on the CRN without it.


Please contact John Holland if you have any questions about the Rail Industry Worker Identification Card:
Email: crn.l&d@jhg.com.au

Please contact Pegasus if you need assistance with the online card application process:
Phone: 1300 777 245

Frequently asked questions and other useful information is also available at: www.railindustryworker.com.au