Safety & Environment Induction

There is nothing more important than the safety and security of our employees and the contractors and third parties who work on or about the Country Regional Network (CRN) rail infrastructure.

Our identification processes and online Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Induction Program ensure that contractors and Third Party Protection Officers, are fully aware of and comply with the procedures and legislative requirements that will impact their safety while working within the CRN .

All contractors, third party Protection Officer and other visitors to our sites must comply with our strict Work Health and Safety, Environmental and Rail Safety obligations. 

Completing our online Health Safety and Environment (HSE) induction program and satisfying our identification processes for carrying out rail safety work and non rail safety work on the CRN.

There are two packages available relating to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) induction program:

  1. Contractor Induction + Global Mandatory Requirements (required by all workers required to undertake activities for John Holland at the CRN)

  2. Third Party Protection Officers Induction (Required for all Protection Officers engaged by Third parties undertaking work at the CRN for other employers)

How to complete the online HSE Induction Program

  1. Access the John Holland CRN E-Learning Centre at
  2. Click on the Register button that displays on the E-Learning Centre Home Page to start the HSE Induction Program.
  3. On the following Welcome Page, click the Start button and select the relevant package - Contractor or Third Party Protection Officer. This selection will generate the relevant induction for you to complete.

Contractors who are required to undertake Rail Safety Work

All contractors that are required to enter the rail corridor and undertake rail safety work on the CRN must hold a Rail Safety Worker Identity Card issued by Pegasus.

If you have previously undertaken rail safety work on the CRN and do not hold this card you will need to apply and be issued with a card by Pegasus before you commence work on the CRN.

Information on how to apply for a Rail Safety Worker Identification Card is available in this website.

If you already hold a Rail Safety Worker Identification Card, as issued by Pegasus, we still require you to log into the Rail Safety Worker portal at  and upload any additional competencies as per our CRN requirements.