Engineering Standards

Our Engineering Standards - Assuring the Integrity of the CRN

The John Holland Rail (JHR) engineering standards provide an assurance framework for managing safety, assets and the environment on the Country Regional Network (CRN).

Our standards assure the integrity of the CRN and verify that only competent people undertake engineering design, maintenance and project activities.  Our standards documents specify JHR CRN’s engineering requirements generally and in each discipline area. JHR CRN engineering standards guide activities to be undertaken on the CRN’s assets. Compliance is mandatory for anyone undertaking engineering work in the CRN or for supplying engineering works to be incorporated into our rail network or operating systems. 

If you are new to JHR CRN Engineering Standards please read CRN GM 001 Engineering Standards System Manual before using any other engineering standards that are listed and available in this site.

Engineering Standards by Discipline

Our engineering standards encompass the following and can be accessed from the Engineering Standards drop down menus on the toolbar at the top of this page or by clicking on the listing below:


Train Operating Conditions (TOC) Manual

Civil (including track, structures, geotechnical and right of way)

Signal (including communications and train control systems)

Rolling Stock


Engineering Authority

A JHR CRN Principal Engineer manages engineering standards and related processes for each area. Principal Engineers are responsible for assigning Engineering Authority relating to assets and for the development, maintenance and approval of standards documentation (including standards, manuals specifications, procedures and technical maintenance plans). The process helps ensure that our engineering infrastructure is designed, constructed, operated and maintained to achieve safety, reliability and performance targets. Anyone undertaking engineering activities for - or on behalf of JHR CRN - must comply with these engineering standards. 

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Enquiries about our engineering standards, including interpretation, may be made to a Principal Engineer by contacting us. 

Disclaimer: Engineering Standards are prepared for use on the Country Regional Network (CRN) only. John Holland Rail Pty Ltd makes no warranties, express or implied, that compliance with the contents of this document shall be sufficient to ensure safe systems or work or operation. It is the engineering standards user’s sole responsibility to ensure that the copy of any engineering standards document viewed is the current version of the document as in use by JHR. JHR accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to the use of engineering standards documents by any party, and JHR excludes any liability which arises in any manner by the use of these documents.

Copyright: The information in these engineering standards documents is protected by Copyright and no part of these documents may be reproduced, altered, stored or transmitted by any person without the prior consent of JHG.