Community Drop in Sessions - Manilla Viaduct

Transport for NSW and John Holland Rail are hosting a two-day community drop in session to consult the community on planning for the future management of the Manila Viaduct following the release of the Manilla Viaduct Options Study in December 2018.

We are seeking community feedback on the location of the spans to be retained and what options the community would value for interpretation of the viaduct and potential reuses of the timbers from the viaduct.

We welcome all members of the Manilla community to attend. In addition, if any individuals or groups wish to book specific times to meet the project team please contact us on the details below.



Tuesday 24 September 2019, from 11.00am till 8.00pm; and

Wednesday 25 September 2019, from 7.00am till 4.00pm


The Manilla Memorial Town Hall Complex

210 Manilla Street, Manilla


Contact our Community Relations team on 1300 661 390 or email for any enquiries.