Hermidale Rail Siding - Hermidale

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) are proposing to construct the Hermidale Siding Rail located in the township of Hermidale, NSW as part of the NSW Government’s rail infrastructure program across the country rail network.

Construction of the project is being completed by TfNSW’s contractor, John Holland Rail (JHR).


Why is the work being completed?

The rail siding is being constructed to improve the existing rail infrastructure at Hermidale as trains loading at Hermidale are disrupted trains running to and from Cobar.

Works involve:

  • Construction of a new connection to the main line approximately 430 metres east of the level crossing on Youngee Street, Hermidale;
  • Construction of approximately 1,350 metres of track for the proposed loop; and
  • Construction of a second connection to the main line approximately 1,610 metres east of the level crossing on Youngee Street, Hermidale (to connect the proposed loops to the mainline).

When will work commence?

Works are currently scheduled to commence on Monday 9 September and is expected to be completed by mid-November 2019, subject to final approvals and weather conditions.

Site operations will run from:

  • Monday to Sunday: 7:00am to 6:00pm each day

How will I be affected?

You may hear construction noise during site operations and see some extra vehicle and heavy machinery movements in the area.

Local advertising will occur closer to the start date.

Additional 24-hour work are anticipated for 2 days on the week commencing 2 November 2019. We will provide further information to affected residents as these dates approach.

We appreciate your patience and will endeavour to minimise the impact to the community wherever possible, during the works period.

As you may potentially be affected during the construction of the project, if you have any concerns with, or are not in agreement with how these works will be delivered, please contact our Community Relations team as soon as you can on:1300 661 390 or email crn.enquiry@jhg.com.au

JHR will work with you to resolve any concerns you may have regarding the works and to reach agreement with you to resolve them. If you have no concerns with, and agree to the planned work, you do not need to contact us, and the work will proceed as set out above.

This project detail can be found at the following website address: