Overbridge Refurbishment - Karaak Flat

Improving the Country Rail Network

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is undertaking overbridge refurbishment works on Fowlers Road at Karaak Flat, as part of the NSW Government’s rail infrastructure program across the country rail network.

Works are being completed by TfNSW’s contractor, John Holland Rail (JHR). JHR operate and maintain the Country Regional Network across NSW under a ten-year contract with TfNSW.


Why is the work being completed?

These works are being undertaken to remove and replace deteriorated elements of the existing bridge and ensure continued safe access for the community.

When will work commence?

Works are currently scheduled to be completed from Wednesday 30 October to Sunday 3 November, subject to final approvals and weather conditions.

Site operations will run from 6:30am to 6:00pm each day, including weekends.

How will I be affected?

During this operation, traffic control will be in place when crews are on site, with traffic reduced to one lane. There may be short delays during this time.

We will be posting VMS boards on the approach to the works, outlining changes to traffic.

You may also hear construction noise during site operations and see some extra vehicle and heavy machinery movements in the area.

Please contact our Community Relations team on 1300 661 390 or email crn.enquiry@jhg.com.au for further enquiries.


karaak flat map.png