Passing Loop Refurbishment - Tarago

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) will be refurbing and reconfiguring two existing sidings into a passing loop in Tarago, NSW as part of the NSW Government’s Fixing Country Rail program across the regional NSW.

Works are being completed by TfNSW’s contractor, John Holland. John Holland operate and maintain the Country Regional Network across NSW under a ten-year contract with TfNSW.


Why is the work being completed?

The Tarago passing loop is being reconfigured to improve flexibility of the network between Goulburn and Canberra and improve reliability of freight and passenger services along this line and the efficiency of operations at Tarago.

Once the passing loop has been completed, shunting of trains across multiple locations will no longer be necessary under normal conditions, minimising the number and duration trains are held within the passing loop, reducing minor vibration and noise impacts and perceived odour on the Tarago local community.

Safety at the Goulburn Street level crossing will also be enhanced for motorists following the installation of boom gates and reduction in the number of current waste trains passing through the crossing each day.

Works involve:

  • Refurbishing the deteriorated existing Woodlawn Mine siding;
  • Extending the existing loop by approximately 500m towards Goulburn along the existing Woodlawn siding, including installing a new connection to the main line;
  • Signal works between Tarago and Crisps Creek;
  • Upgrading the active level crossing at Goulburn Street with booms barriers.

When will work commence?

Works are currently scheduled to commence on 22 July 2019 and are expected to be completed by the end of 2019, subject to final approvals and weather conditions.

Site operations will run from 7:00am to 6:00pm each day, including weekends. 

How will I be affected?

You may hear construction noise during site operations and see some extra vehicle and heavy machinery movements in the area.

Additional 24hr works are anticipated on 31st Aug to 1st Sep and 23rd Nov to 24th Nov 2019; however, we will provide further information to affected residents as this date approaches.

We appreciate your patience and will endeavour to minimise the impact to the community wherever possible, during the works period.

Please contact our Community Relations team on 1300 661 390 or email for further enquiries.

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