About Suppliers & Subcontractors

Contractor Engagement

We are committed to working closely with our contractors and suppliers to deliver quality results, safely. 

Recently we held a series of webinars, to provide an opportunity for our contractors and suppliers to hear directly from our leadership team on their expectations of those we work with who operate in, on and around the Country Regional Network (CRN). It was an opportunity for the team to share our safety approach and to further grow the relationships we have with our contractors and suppliers. It  also allowed those we work with to ask questions directly of our senior leadership team. 

For those unable to attend the sessions, during October you can now watch it below:

Contractor Webinar October 2020

October 2020 Contractor Webinar Q&A

More webinars are planned over the coming months but in the meantime if you have any questions you can contact our team on crn.communications@jhg.com.au or on 1300 661 390.

Local Industry Participation

The CRN covers a vast area of NSW and we are committed to creating opportunities for local businesses in the areas where we operate.

We work closely with the Industry Capability Network (ICN) to source local suppliers. Through the ICN we conduct Expressions of Interest to identify competitive local suppliers and provide local employment opportunities. 

Notices are also placed in regional newspapers.

You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified when an expression of interest is open.

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