About Network Operations & Access

Our Network Management Centre at Mayfield in suburban Newcastle operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to control all trains accessing and running on the Country Regional Network (CRN).

Our customers

We provide access management services to all rail train operators who operate passenger and rail freight services on the CRN. Our customers include passenger service providers, freight operators, maintenance service providers and heritage operators.

The CRN also has its own network rules and procedures which align with the other two network operators in NSW.

Our train control and communication systems

The CRN has two primary train control systems:

  • Train order working (TOW) - currently controlled by TMCS
  • Rail Vehicle Detection - remotely controlled (RVD) - currently controlled by Phoenix

Four communication systems are used with train crew on the CRN:

  • NTCS Radio
  • VCS
  • WB Radio
  • ICE Radio

A best practice model for network operations

Our Network Control Officers are a key point of contact for our rail transport operator customers and our maintenance teams.

Our Network Control Officers have a complete understanding of the CRN, developed during in-the-field inspections. They work closely with the Safety & Environment and Maintenance teams to ensure that work is completed to the highest safety standards and with minimal disruption for our customers.

We consider our co-location of these teams, combined with our balanced focus on the access needs of our customers and the needs of our maintenance teams to maintain the track, to be a best practice model for network operations and train control in Australia.

Contact us

For all enquiries about our network operations and access management please contact us.