Keeping customers safe: Proximity Reminders

As part of our commitment to improving safety and reliability for our customers on the Country Regional Network (CRN), John Holland in partnership with Transport for NSW has introduced Proximity Reminders.

WHAT IS A PROXIMITY REMINDER? It’s a message sent to a locomotive through the ICE Radio, reminding the operator that the train is within proximity of a location or situation that needs extra attention.

WHY WOULD I RECEIVE ONE? If you are in a locomotive travelling on the CRN, you may receive a reminder in two circumstances: when you’re nearing the end of your Limit of Authority; and/or for any Conditions Affecting the Network (CANs) in your area.

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE ONE? When the train is within 3 to 5 kilometres of their Limit of Authority or at a location where a CAN has been issued. *Please note Proximity Reminders are only available for locations on the CRN.






HOW WILL I RECEIVE ONE? Through the ICE Radio. As shown below, there are two levels of reminders we’ll be sending through:






When approaching a location that has a CAN, an operator may receive a low level, yellow coloured alarm on the screen of the ICE Radio.








When approaching the end location of the trains Limit of Authority, the operator may receive a medium level, orange coloured alarm on the screen of the ICE Radio, reminding them that they do not have authority to proceed past that location.




To clear these alarms, the driver will need to acknowledge them as you would any other alarm, using the confirm button and it will clear from the screen. It’s now time for the driver to refocus their attention on the task ahead.

WHY INTRODUCE THE REMINDERS? We’re aiming to eliminate the risk of human factor related errors, by heightening situational awareness. These reminders will not replace an operator’s driving knowledge, signs on track or even the communication in which they receive notifications now. Proximity Reminders are our way of providing the train crew with extra information, to encourage them to make better and safer decisions.